We Create Our own Reality

How was Cielo Mystic Born?

In the early 2000’s there was something magical that happened to the spiritual community, the Harry Potter series brought magic to every day households. Although this didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, children all over the world started to believe that a world of magic could be possible. Like many other kids before, the founders of Cielo Mystic and The Mystical House, John and Pierre, would grow up waiting for their Hogwarts letters that would never arrive. This didn’t stop them from believing that such a world could still exist, if anything it motivated our founders to create a world of the mystical arts themselves. Rooted in helping people discover who they are, Tercer Cielo, Our parent company dedicated to helping people overcome alcoholism, domestic violence & spiritual abuse. After twenty years of service, Tercer Cielo, would expand to become Cielo Mystic and The Mystical House.

Today, Cielo Mystic is on it’s way to becoming a fashion boutique. Creating Custom Jewelry, Perfumes, Sterling Silver Castings, Engravings, Stone carvings, and other adornment accessories. We keep you in mind when producing our products that why we offer vegan options to all our recipes and craftwork. We can make it the ol’fashion way and the vegan friendly way to cater to your needs.

Cielo Mystic is here to start your metaphysical journey today!

In this site, you will find resources for learning about the mystical arts, crystals and how we prepare our products as well as retail and wholesale distribution of all the merchandize we create for the shops. We hope that our passion and love for our craft is experienced by you. Please feel free to browse our selection of products and contact us if you need any help. Don’t forget, you are always welcome to visit your local magical sister shops

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