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Since 2011

Our work has helped hundreds of people since we started our company in 2011 under the name Tercer Cielo our mother company.

Since then Tercer Cielo has expanded to its subsidiaries The Mystical House, Cielo Mystic and our factory where we produce Silver and Fine Gold Jewelry.

We cast, embroider, blend, craft, and create a majority of our products in our factory located in Union City, NJ

Everyone in Cielo Mystic is equipped to support you along your spiritual journey, ready to answer questions and create something truly unique for you. With us you’ll always “know” who made your products.

-John Catana

Founder of Cielo Mystic
Perfume Director
Casting specialist

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Craftsmens, perfumers, artists; we specialize in creating unique products with meaning and intention  

Cielo Mystic is a community, a movement of creative expression and soon a fashion house.
Our work as artisans and craftsmen has allowed us to produce hundreds of custom jewelry pieces, perfumes, baths, candles, soaps, sprays, & balms. We’re dedicated to producing quality products with safe ingredients that alleviate you spiritually and consciously. 
Our founders John, Jazmine and Pierre have over 10 years of experience cultivating unity in our community and producing high-quality products in Union City, New Jersey.
We believe that a business should be more then an exchange of goods and services. A business should be socially aware and integrated into the local community which it hopes to grow from.
These core ideals are what make Cielo Mystic unique, we’re social entrepreneurs. 

Custom Jewelry

We "Cast" Jewelry, meaning we melt silver and 14k gold to create special pieces from start to finish.


We've traveled the world from Poland to France, to gather best quailty ingrients for your unique scent

community Building

Enjoy our festivals, block parties, intimate events like open mics, galleries, & expierences

more the crystals

We started as a crystal shop, but we're more then a crystal shop. Cielo Mystic's intention is to become a fashion house.
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"Abre tus brazos ha tadas las opportunidades de la vida. Open your arms to opportunity”
mother & founder of
Tercer Cielo

our team of artist are here for you

We are Artist, creators; We make visons come to life

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